Sight Fishing for Bass

How to catch bass on beds, how to catch the female, find the sweet spot, which fish are catchable, where to search for spawning beds.

Sight Fishing Bass book

What is Sight Fishing for bass?
Who goes Sight Fishing for bass?
The Sight Fishing Controversy
Sight Fishing for bass on Lake Fork
About Lake Fork
The Spawn
Spawning Cycle
Spawning Cycle - 2
Waves - Overview
Waves - Day by Day
Waves - Final Days
Size Differences
Size Differences - 2
Size Differences - 3
Spawning Beds   
Rules of Thumb

  Rules of Thumb - 2
  Rules of Thumb - 3
  Rules of Thumb - 4
  Big Fish Spawning Sites
  Big Fish Spawning Sites - 2
  Big Fish Spawning Sites - 3

Aluminum vs Fiberglass

Trolling Power
36 Volt Wiring
Battery Chargers
Front Anchor/Cleats
Back Anchor
Push Poles/Power Poles
Fishing Line
Polarized Shades
Top 10 Rookie Mistakes
Rookies do not...  

 Get Serious

  Know Where to Look
  Come at the Right Time
  Have the Right Equipment
  Fish for the Right Fish
  Look for the Sweet Spot
  Have Enough Patience
  Make Correct Presentation
  Position Boat Correctly
  Know When to Move On
Avoiding the Wind

Dealing with Wind
Driving in Strong Wind
Driving in Strong Wind - 2
Cold Fronts
Water Clarity
Historic weather info   
February Weather

  March Weather
  April Weather
  May Weather
Busiest Times
Avoiding Crowds
Stay Positive
Stay Positive - 2
Do Not Crowd Your Boat
Crowd Scenario 1
Crowd Scenario 2
Pre-trip Preparation
  Planning your Trip

  Planning your Trip - 2
  Planning your Trip - 3
  Planning your Trip - 4
Make Use of Maps   

  Map Details
  GPS Maps
  Satellite Maps
Know Where to Search   
  What to Rule Out

  Early Spawn Locations
  Early Spawn Locations - 2
  First Wave
  First Wave - Good and Bad
  First Wave - Indicators
  Second Wave
  Second Wave Chart
  Middle Waves
  Last Waves
  Last Waves Chart
Practice Pitching    
  Pitching vs. Flipping

  Pitching Practice
On The Lake
The Search for the Giant  
  The Search

  Do Not Look Back
  High vs Low
  Stay on Top of the Drop
  What to Fish For
  Catchable Females
  Catchable Males
Setting Up   
  Locate the Sweet Spot

  Boat Position Considerations
  Anchoring the Boat
  Pitching Well Past the Bed

  Pitching Just Past the Bed
Catching the Female   
  Be Patient

  On the Bed
  Pointing to the Bed
  Getting the Female to Move
  Female Rolling
  She Will Not Move Up
  Cattails In The Way
Catching the Male   
Reasons to Catch Males

  Reasons - 2
  Reasons - 3
  What to Fish For
  What to Fish For - 2
  What to Fish For - 3
  Shallow Beds
  Deeper Beds
  Males Not Locked On
  Males Guarding Fry

Sight Fishing Bass - Spawn E-Book