Lake Fork

Paul Milsaps with a giant bass caught while
sight fishing with Guide Richie White

     Most of the information in this book can be applied to catching spawning bass on any body of water where bass can be seen spawning. However, the majority of the author's experience comes from Lake Fork.

     Lake Fork is a 27,000 acre reservoir located 70 miles east of Dallas, Texas. Since its impoundment in 1980, the TPWD has done an awesome job of creating and maintaining it as a big bass factory. It is continuously stocked with pure Florida-strain largemouth bass. With its abundant timber, vegetation, structure, and protected coves, Lake Fork is the perfect habitat for catching giant bass during the spawn.

     In addition to sight fishing in general, this book addresses many things that can make your trips to Lake Fork more productive. Such things include dealing with crowds and wind, local weather, and understanding when and where you can expect to find spawning bass.

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