Who Sight Fishes for Bass?

World Record Pursuers

     The biggest bass ever caught was caught by sight fishing. Mac Weakley caught a 25.1 pound bass on California's Lake Dixon in 2006. Though the bass did not make the official world record because it was foul hooked, it was caught by a serious sight fisherman who found her on a bed.

*Photo used by permission of Mac Weakley

Bassmaster Pros

     In 2001, Dean Rojas shattered the Bassmaster record books on Florida's Lake Toho with a 3-day record of over 108 pounds and a single-day record of over 45 pounds. That is over a 7-pound average for 15 fish in 3 days and a 9 pound average for 5 fish in a single day. How did he do it? You guessed it - sight fishing! Sight fishing (or the lack thereof) can make or break a pro's career.

Professional Guides

     Professional Guide Richie White has also had some 45+ pound 5 fish days due to sight fishing. Richie has been guiding year-round on Lake Fork since 1990. In that time, he has boated 7 fish over 12 pounds. Guess what? He saw every one of them before he caught them.

Serious Bass Fishermen

     If you are a serious bass fisherman, sight fishing should be a foundational strategy. This remains true whether you are a guide, a pro, a tournament fisherman, or just someone who wants to catch giant bass.

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