Pitching Well Past the Bed

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     In most cases, there will not be obstructions keeping you from throwing past the bed. If it is an option, I prefer to be able to throw past the bed and work the bait to the bed. That way, you do not really have to be concerned about making a splash with your bait.
     There will often be some type of vegetation that will mess up the presentation. If you land in some slimy grass, you will pull it to the bed and your bait probably will not look real to the bass. However, since the bass sweep the beds clean before depositing the eggs, the beds themselves do not normally have vegetation on them. So if you work your lure correctly, you should be able to hit the bed and bring it back without catching any slime.
     Notice the Flash clip to the left. If you throw past the bed and immediately raise your rod to keep your bait high, you can keep it from hitting bottom. Once it gets to the back of the bed, you drop your rod. Then, you work the bait through the bed. Be prepared to set the hook as it goes through the bed. Once you get past the fish, immediately raise your rod, reel it back in, and repeat the process.
     It is a good idea to assume that there will be stuff on the bottom behind every bed, even if you do not see any. This way, you know your bait is always clean everytime it enters the bed.

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